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When you take your vehicle in to have body work done – you know, a dent, a ding, a smash – your body shop will most likely use some new technology to match the paint. This system uses computerized optical paint matching. This means that the computer actually “sees” the paint and determines the correct color. This computer makes such an accurate color measurement that it takes a lot of guesswork out of the hands of the technician.

The technician uses a special device to take a picture or scan your vehicle’s exact color. This is important because even if your car is only a few years old, the damage from the rain, sun and other elements will have impacted the paint. Let’s say your original paint code was Artic White 1199. If your 2013 Trail Blazer had its door repainted in that exact color, today, it would most likely stand out and you would see the repair. Not so with computerize paint chip matching.

Once the computer “takes the picture” of your exact color, the specialized software develops a special formula or recipe to determine the exact mixture of paint for your paint job. The paint “camera” also takes pictures from three different angles near the damaged area to give the best indication of the correct color.

If it sounds high tech, that’s because it is! Paint chip matching used to be a lot more difficult. Technicians would have to look up the make, model and year of your car to get the right color. Sometimes this involved checking your VIN as different shades may have been used during a one year production run. The paint chip matching would be as close they could get it. And sometimes this still resulted in a door or section that was visibly different than the rest. Who wants their repair to stand out like a sore thumb? Not only is it ugly – but sometimes can impact the  resale price when you go to sell your vehicle. After all, no one wants to look like the odd one out.

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