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Does your ride need a paint job? Are you shaking in your boots thinking on how much that will cost you when you take it in? Does your wife have access to Pinterest, showing you nightly that yes, indeed you can paint your own vehicle?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we are here to tell you to reconsider. The downsides to doing a DIY paint job on your own vehicle are so numerous that you should just take it into a professional.

Gotta Get The Mix Just Right

The biggest reason why is that it takes a touch of expertise and finesse to properly mix the right paint, then a large amount of specialized tools to get the job done. You most likely do not have these tools, or the experience, to make sure that the paint job isn’t poorly done. A poorly done paint job will make the vehicle look terrible and will most likely wear off rather quickly.

Patience is a Virtue

The second reason that you should take it in is that painting an automobile takes a large amount of patience, with the ability to make numerous coats and give it time to dry in a sterile environment. Almost all of these items are things that we can all work on, but most importantly the absence of a sterile environment where no outside factors can get mucked up in the paint. On top of this, if you live in an environment with a consistent heat that is not too hot but not too cold, in a place where the humidity is just right all the time, you may be able to do it. But we all know that no one lives in an environment like this: it has to be constructed.

Professional, High Quality Equipment

The third reason is closely tied to the first two: buying the equipment, the paint, and the tools to provide a quality paint job is really expensive. By the time you have all of the equipment in place, you would have paid far more than it costs to get the job done professionally.

As you can see, doing the paint job on your own is only going to lead to more problems for you. Take the time, pay the costs, and get the paint job done properly to make sure that you don’t spend any more money than you have to. DIY paint jobs are jobs that you think will save you a penny here-and-there, but will cost you dollars in the long run.


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