Do you have a scratch in your paint? Not sure where it came from? Did you swipe your kid’s bike or have a cart swipe you in a parking lot? It happens. But it doesn’t have to stay a scratch on your car forever. At Fred’s Auto Service, we can take that scratch and make it a thing of the past. We can make your scratch disappear completely.

Paint scratches are pretty common. It’s normal to acquire them here or there until you have more than you’d like or your paint is starting to look at little bit old. We can help you with that. We can use our experience, equipment and your VIN number to determine the exact color of your paint. This allows us to make a perfect color match, helping that scratch to disappear forever. There’s more to repairing a scratch the right way than just painting in a spot. The area should be properly cleaned and prepared in advance to help the repair look seamless. Minor scratches that don’t penetrate the clear coat into the color can also be easy to fix. The best way to judge the time, cost and the repair of your paint scratch is to bring it in. We’ve been working with vehicles since Toledo since 1997! That’s a lot of experience! Put it to good use and get that scratch repaired today. Not only can be completely custom match the color of your paint, but we can go a step further. We also offer full custom paint. If you want to change your color or your style, we can help with that. We can also do a fresh coat of your existing color to help give you vehicle a little more pop.


Scratch Removal and Paint Chip Repair in Toledo, OH

Bring your vehicle in for a free estimate. It’s hard to determine the depth and length of a scratch its best to being your car instead of giving us the information over the phone. We’re located at 4219 Bennett Rd, Toledo, OH 43612. Stop by or give us a call to schedule an appointment at 419-476-9482.