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Many of us know the feeling: you are backing out of your parking space, it’s the end of the day at the end of the work week, and you are distracted. Your reverie of tomorrow’s back yard barbecue, the sun, food, and beer washing away the anxieties of your office.

It’s usually around the fantasy of firing up the barbecue that a loud noise and head jerk yanks you from the reverie. You’ve just backed up into your coworker’s car.

After exchanging information, calling the insurance company, and getting that all squared away, you now have to take your vehicle into an auto body shop to get the bumper replaced. You may have questions, and if you want to know more information on what bumper replacement entails, you have come to the right place.

It’s Only Cosmetic

The first thing to understand is that a majority of wrecks that cause damage to your bumper are only cosmetic. If they are smaller, you may be able to fix the dent yourself with a wide variety of tools and methods.

Dents Can Uncover More Damage

Yet it must also be understood that you should take the vehicle in to get it checked out by an auto body expert. While the damage could be only cosmetic, a dent in the bumper can damage the integrity of the part, leading to the possibility of further damage and a risk to your safety. On top of this, the dent could be covering up damage that can be truly problematic for the car. This is particularly relevant for that damage that occurs on the front bumper.

Paying for Paint and Parts

Another item to understand is that when you take the vehicle in to get the bumper repaired, you may have to pay for not only the parts but matching paint as well. Depending on the availability of the paint—generally based on the popularity of the vehicle—this can cost you anywhere from a lot to a little.

Take it to a Professional

The last thing to understand about bumper repair is that, even though I suggested that you may be able to take care of the problem on your own, you should seriously consider taking it into an auto body shop to get it taken care of. These technicians are specially trained to fix all range of auto body issues in a correct and timely manner. Moreover, it may help prevent the possibility of damaging the car further and the technicians will be able to tell if there is further damage to the vehicle that needs to be addressed.

Bumper Repair at Fred’s Auto Service!

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