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It’s that time of year again! Flowers, chocolates, but what does your car want? Yes! You heard right! You need to treat your car this Valentine’s Day! Give your car what she really wants, some amazing vehicle maintenance.

Are you joking? Not really. A well maintained vehicle will treat you right for years to come. When you keep that oil changed, you are making an investment in your driver and car relationship. In fact, you could even say that by serving your car, you are serving yourself. Because who benefits that most from a car that never breaks down and needs expensive repairs? You do! When your car is properly maintained you can get a lot more love and life out of your ride.

Here’s another few things you can think about this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Change those spark plugs. When was the last time that you changed the spark plugs as part of your vehicle maintenance? I bet that you can’t even remember. Well your car can! Pencil in a time to get this easy and quick job done.
  2.  Top off those fluids. This is probably the easiest part of vehicle maintenance, keeping all those important fluids maintained. If you are regularly checking in on your car’s health, you’ll notice problems while they are still small and before they turn into bigger and more expensive repairs. For example, a leaking hose might be a lot cheaper to replace than the entire system if you let it run dry and it seizes up! Spend some time with your vehicle to find out what its maintenance needs are.
  3.  Flush that coolant system. Don’t you realize how long that same coolant has been in your system? It’s getting to be spring and that means that the temperatures will be warming up. Make sure you still have the right chemicals for your temperatures, but give it a good cleaning.
  4.  Did we mention change the oil and filter? You might have been thinking about it anyway but there’s no time like the present. Get it taken care of, off your list and your car will thank you! Just don’t wait for another big holiday to do it again!

Vehicle Maintenance in Toledo, OH with Fred’s Auto Service

If you’re in the Toledo, OH or surrounding areas and you want to treat your car to some TLC this month then come on in and visit Fred’s Auto Service. We offer vehicle maintenance and make sure our schedules are as flexible as yours! Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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