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The kids are out of school and it’s getting to be that time again. You know. The time when you are ready to just get out of Toledo and go somewhere, anywhere! So you pile the kids and the dog in the car, grab some drinks and snacks and just hit the road. Right? It’s a good plan. But if you want to make sure you have a hassle free road trip, there’s a few other things to add to your list:

#1 Get gas

You know that you’re going on a road trip and let’s start with the most very basic thing. You’ll need gas. Fill it up so you don’t have to make as many stops along the way.

#2 Check your tires

Go around your car and give you tires an overall visual inspection. Check to see if your tires are wearing correctly. If you see any signs of wear of punctures, you may need to consider fixing or replacing them before you leave. Check the air levels to make sure that they are all properly inflated. This is some vehicle maintenance that you don’t want to skip before your trip.

#3 Change your oil

If you want your vehicle to be in top condition before you go, make sure that your oil is not only topped off but is clean. You might be putting a lot of miles on the road.

#4 Top off your fluids

Check your windshield washer fluid. This is something that most shops check and or top off when you have your oil changed.

#5 Get an alignment

You don’t want to be driving straight down the road while you hold your steering wheel off to the left. Not only will it make it easier for you to drive, your tires and suspension will thank you.

#6 Get a tune up

Better fuel efficiency is linked to a clean and healthy engine. Your engine works best with new sparkplugs.

#7 Rotate your tires

Rotating your tires will make sure that your tires all wear evenly.

#8 Change your air filter

Did you know that while every car has an air filter some also have a cabin air filter? Change both of yours for the maximum clean air in your vehicle.

#9 Flush your transmission fluid

One more fluid that will help you get ready for a long haul. Take the time to get this changed on your manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

#10 Food

Really. Don’t forget the snacks. You’ll get hungry on the road and having snacks on hand help reduce time stopped and gets you to your final destination quicker !

Vehicle Maintenance at Fred’s Auto Service

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