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When you’ve got a dent, it’s easy to just want to leave it alone. After all, who has the money to repair a dent? And it’s never just the one dent. Once the dent is fixed, then it has to be painted. And then the paint doesn’t really match. You might as well leave the dent and the matching paint so at least it all matches. Right? Wrong! Did you know that you can have your dent repaired without having the paint touched or damaged? It’s true! It’s called paintless dent repair. It’s basically just how it sounds. And here’s how it works.

Little bumps and dings only affect the outside of the car – and are usually pretty soft. Think of the last time that you accidentally hit (or was hit) with a shopping cart, door or even a box falling on the hood (it happens, trust me!). It makes a shallow dent, but doesn’t impact the paint. This means that these types of fixes are perfect for paintless dent repair. BUT you need to get it done sooner than later. Otherwise, the paint can become damaged and won’t be as perfect as a repair but can also negatively impact the area. More on that in a minute.

To fix these types of damage, the area is accessed from the inside. The technician will remove the plastic interior that protects the innerworkings of the car. This needs to be removed to be able to see the back side of the metal. This is where the technician will use their tools to push, pop or remove the dent. Professionals use all kinds of different types of tools to be able to fix these dents. Usually, the technician will use a counter or something on the other side of the dent to hold it in place while they apply pressure to the other side. This helps them to correct the original shape while keeping the area around it intact.

Paintless Dent Repair at Fred’s Auto Service

Your technician can tell you if you and your dent are good candidates for paintless dent repair. If you have exposed metal or sharp edges to the dent, it might not be a good candidate. Not all dents can use this technique, but with a little luck and some skilled hands on your side, your vehicle can be looking better faster than you think! Contact Fred’s Auto Service for paintless dent repair today!

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