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Last night’s thunderstorm was a doozy. The wind started up, the rain came in droves, thunder scared the dog, and lightning provided better lighting than any spotlight could ever do. Then came the hail and combined with the wind and the rain and the lightning, the car you left outside overnight took a beating.

After checking the status of your vehicle, you see that there are dents on the hood of the car, dents that are going to cost you to repair.

After calling your insurance agent, you find out that there are two options to fixing the dents in your car: dent repair or purchasing a new part and paint. Now that you have the options, you have to make a decision on which is best.

So what is the difference between the two? And which one should you choose?

In order to understand the difference, you should know in what situations a dent repair can be done or situations where you will need to have new parts and paint job.

The first step to doing so is to have the insurance company send a representative out to look at the damage. What rep should be looking for is the type of dent that has been caused by any outside force. If there isn’t any paint damage, cracking, or the metal hasn’t creased, then you can have a dent repair done.

However, in most cases where a dent is caused by a major outside force—in this case hail, any falling branches, etc.—then you are going to need to get a replacement part and a new paint job. Your insurance company should help cover the costs of the repair, but depending on the type of insurance you have you may be paying a portion out of pocket.

Ultimately, the job should be done by a professional to ensure that further damage isn’t done to the auto body. The damage that is already there should be taken care of immediately, as it can harm your own safety and those in the vehicle. This is largely due to the fact that dents cause harm to the integrity of the body, which is there to protect you and the engine.

Call your insurance agent, get expert counseling, get a quote, then take it in to make sure the job is properly done. It will help maintain the integrity of the vehicle and keep you safe on the road!

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