Getting out small car dents

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Car dents happen all the time unfortunately. Someone may tap your car, open their door into your car, or maybe hit by a rogue grocery cart. Whatever the cause, you probably want to get rid of them. Dents don’t look good and can lower the value of your car. You might not want to take it…

Tips for Removing Auto Scratches

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Tips for Removing Auto Scratches Auto scratches are a fact of life for almost everybody. You’re out driving and get to close to a branch or a rock kicks up, and you’re left with a scratch. You could take your car into anyone of the many auto repair places here in Toledo, Ohio. You’re probably…

Keys to Auto Body Repair

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Car accidents suck. What sucks even more though is when there is major damage to your auto-body, which as you should know already is damage that can quite literally impact your safety and the safety of those in the vehicle with you. When damage does occur, many people will wonder if they can do the…

Dent Repair vs. New Part and Paint?

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Last night’s thunderstorm was a doozy. The wind started up, the rain came in droves, thunder scared the dog, and lightning provided better lighting than any spotlight could ever do. Then came the hail and combined with the wind and the rain and the lightning, the car you left outside overnight took a beating. After…

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Paint Job

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Does your ride need a paint job? Are you shaking in your boots thinking on how much that will cost you when you take it in? Does your wife have access to Pinterest, showing you nightly that yes, indeed you can paint your own vehicle? If you answered yes to any of the above, we…

The Need to Know about Bumper Repair

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Many of us know the feeling: you are backing out of your parking space, it’s the end of the day at the end of the work week, and you are distracted. Your reverie of tomorrow’s back yard barbecue, the sun, food, and beer washing away the anxieties of your office. It’s usually around the fantasy…

Tips For Avoiding Rear End Collisions From Fred’s Auto Body Shop!

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One of the most common and injury-causing accidents drivers confront on the road are rear end collisions. Damage from these can range from “fender benders” to major injuries, most notably whiplash. In turn, one of the most commonly asked questions regarding vehicle safety is both how to avoid getting in these types of accidents and…

Everything You Need to Know About Paintless Dent Repair

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When you’ve got a dent, it’s easy to just want to leave it alone. After all, who has the money to repair a dent? And it’s never just the one dent. Once the dent is fixed, then it has to be painted. And then the paint doesn’t really match. You might as well leave the…

Computerized Paint Chip Matching and How it Works?

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When you take your vehicle in to have body work done – you know, a dent, a ding, a smash – your body shop will most likely use some new technology to match the paint. This system uses computerized optical paint matching. This means that the computer actually “sees” the paint and determines the correct…

Here’s How to Show Your Car Some LOVE This Valentine’s Day!

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It’s that time of year again! Flowers, chocolates, but what does your car want? Yes! You heard right! You need to treat your car this Valentine’s Day! Give your car what she really wants, some amazing vehicle maintenance. Are you joking? Not really. A well maintained vehicle will treat you right for years to come….