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The weather outside is frightful! It’s cold! And it’s snowy, icy, rainy and wet. In some ways, it makes it a lot easier to just stay inside. But you can beat the winter driving and still stay safe, even in snowy conditions.

Here’s a few tips that will keep you safe and undamaged on the road this winter:

#1 Take some extra time and just slow down. When you are moving more cautiously, then you have much more control. Every time that you increase too much speed, you’ll have more air and less contact with the road. This increases the risk you having a loss of control. Keep your tires on the road, don’t drive too quickly for driving conditions. Slipping or sliding happens you are turning, changing lanes or stopping. You can manage risk when you manage your speed.

#2 Stay away from other drivers! You need to increase your distance when you drive in snowy weather. Give yourself plenty of room around other drivers. Give yourself as much room as you can and still drive safely. Be aware of other drivers. They may stop suddenly, slide or lose control. If you are watching, then you can react appropriately. Other drivers are the most unpredictable. If you stay away, you’ll have plenty of room to maneuver if at all necessary.

#3 Take some time to learn about your vehicles traction system. Do you have four wheel drive? Do you have all wheel drive? Do you know how to change from four low to four high and when? Take a minute to educate yourself on the tricks to getting your vehicle in the right position for the right conditions.

#4 When you have to brake, make sure to go in a straight line. This will help you maintain control over and sliding or slipping on the roadway.

#5 If you start to lose control, take control by gently steering into the direction of the skid. After you have control again, gently push on the gas and position your car back into your lane. In wet or snowy conditions, try to drive in straight lines. This avoids issues with losing control due to stopping. In extreme conditions, make a complete stop before turning the vehicle.

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