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One of the most common and injury-causing accidents drivers confront on the road are rear end collisions. Damage from these can range from “fender benders” to major injuries, most notably whiplash.

In turn, one of the most commonly asked questions regarding vehicle safety is both how to avoid getting in these types of accidents and how to try to keep the damage down to a minimum if you find yourself about to get involved in a rear end collision.

Tips on how to avoid these types of accidents go two-ways: how to avoid accidentally slamming into another car and how to prevent someone else from crashing into yours.

Space is Important!

The first thing you can do while driving is to maintain car space ahead of you—to provide enough time to come to a complete stop if the driver in front of you does—and try to keep an eye out for what is going on in front of that vehicle. If you can know when the vehicle in front of you will have to slam on its brakes, you can do the same in enough time.

Another tip to keep you from slamming in to the back of the vehicle in front of you is closely associated with the spacing tip: make sure that you always have enough room to swerve your car out of the way when the vehicle in front of you stops on a dime. Most vehicle safety specialists aptly call this an “escape route.” One that comes to mind immediately are on highways, where you should provide enough room to swerve onto the shoulder if necessary.

Stay Alert Behind the Wheel!

A tip to prevent your own car from being rear ended by another vehicle is to stay alert to stop lights and try to time when it will turn red. If you see a cross walk sign flashing, begin to slow down, and if you see the light turn yellow, slowly stop your car. Do not slam on the brakes. This can give others behind you enough time to stop their own vehicle.

Don’t Break Check!

There are other tips to ensure that you do not end up in a rear end collision, but these are the most pertinent. One other tip is an avoidance tip: if someone is driving too closely to your car from behind, do not “brake check” them. This can cause them to rear end you. Instead, the first chance you get to get over, take it.

These tips can save you from serious injuries and help you save money!

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